If you’re still just asking for regular highlights at the salon, I hate to break it to you, but the early 2000s are calling and they want those platinum blonde stripes back. Balayage is latest fresh look!

Gone are the days of having to sit under a hood of red-tinted searing heat with enough foil in your hair to wrap a whole chicken. If you haven’t transitioned your regular highlight for a balayage let me explain just what is balayageand why you should ask your stylist to change your highlight routine ASAP.

So, what is balayage and how are balayage highlights different from traditional highlights?

You’re not alone if you’re still wondering just what even is balayage? A lot of clients come to me and want to know the difference between regular highlights and the balayage highlight technique. (note: This is especially important to know if you want to make sure that your balayage has been done properly.)

Firstly, I’ll explain just how balayage is done differently than normal highlights and then how to achieve that signature sweeping look.

What is balayage?

When it comes to balayage, think soft and well blended. Other highlight techniques are often a thicker streak of color that isn’t very soft or well blended at all.

Basically, balayage has reinvented the highlight. The natural gradiation and added dimensions of balayage make it the go to celeb highlight technique. Oh, and it’s pretty much exclusively used by every Victoria Secret model.

Balayage is French in origin and means ‘to sweep’ or ‘to paint’. Unlike traditional foil highlights that lighten hair from the root to the ends, balayage is a painted highlight technique that provides soft natural color at the root that blends progressively lighter toward the ends of the hair. This results in a more natural highlight, kind of like the sun would naturally provide.

One of the best things about balayage is the dimension it creates within your hair color without making your highlights look stripe-y. Cause, why settle for traditional highlights when balayage offers well blended natual looking highlights full of rich multi tonal dimension?

You can see the proof in Chrissy Teigen’s hair, which features deep roots, golden browns, and cool blonde highlights.

I recently had the pleasure of cutting and styling America’s Next Top Model, @indiagants, giving her blonde balayage highlights the perfect under cut and beach wave for summer 2018.

If you’re not running to your next salon appointment asking for a balayage for your next color, I’ve got the 411 on why you should ask your stylist to transition your highlights to the balayage technique. If you’re interested in balayage make sure to book an appointment today.